Custom Solutions and Services

Because every organization is different, each solution we craft is custom-made to fit our clients' needs after careful consultation. If you're ready to think strategically, Weaver can manage upgrading your system all the way from figuring out exactly what you need to the installation of hardware.

Weaver's technicians and engineers work together to deliver the highest quality execution on every aspect of your system – from design and implementation to support and maintenance. If it is the right fit for your operation, Weaver can improve the sharpness and efficiency of your staff through on-site training, raising your organization's level of in-house competence and expertise.

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Server Virtualization

Most servers use a fraction of their real computing power. Weaver can help you maximize your potential, to improve performance, provide redundancy, and prepare for growth and change.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization can enhance sharing, collaboration, and access options across your organization. Weaver designs custom solutions fit to your specific requirements, with expertise using Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix, Dell vWorkspace, and more.

Cloud Services

Weaver can help you assess if it is time to move your operation, in part or in whole, to the cloud. For many organizations a cloud-based infrastructure expands availability and offers unlimited seamless growth without compromising safety or reliability.

Network Security

Weaver designs the perfect network for you and supports it with the optimal routing and switching hardware.

Network Management

Weaver will work with you to assess your management needs, and build a team to provide it, whether you require weekly on-site visits or emergency response capability around the clock all year round.

Network Support

Weaver designs the perfect network for you and supports it with the optimal routing and switching hardware.

Disaster Recovery

Planning for a natural disaster ideally includes continuity of access to your data, but at a minimum it must include data recovery. Weaver designs on-premise and remote site backup solutions to suit your organization’s real-world requirements.

Project Management

Our project managers bring The Weaver Way to your site and bring your custom solution to life.

VoIP Communications

Allow Weaver to explain how using the internet for your voice communications only makes sense, with the proper planning, deployment and maintenance.